I'm interested in developing software tools that can add a performance edge to my sound design. Here you can see a sample of my most recent projects. I mainly work with Max and Max for Live and MIRA...


Acanto is a step sequencer that was inspired by typical analog sequencers, with a few twists of my own:
  • The transport panel is independent of the DAW's transport panel, though the tempo is still in sync (so one can start the sequence at any point whithin a musical bar).
  • Each step has a variable rhythmic value.
  • It's a "polyphonic" sequencer, meaning, each step can be routed independently to a separate MIDI output.
  • You can turn each step into an "accented" or "non-accented" note.

Live Sound Design

This is a project was started as a commission for a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, by NY-based theater company, New Place Players. I wanted to give life to all the sound and music cues in the play, to free them from the standard "Q Lab" format, etc.

Project Rauschenberg

This is a work in progress. It's a live performance system for Ableton, Max for Live, and Mira, that was inspired by the collage techniques of Robert Rauschenberg.