Here’s my first attempt at songwriting. This has been one of the hardest things for me, for some reason, to write a song. Not sure if I fell obsessedly in love with a passion that just wasn’t meant for me, or if I've been sabotaging and resisting the process, since (for me anyway), to write a song means to dig deep down into complete vulnerability, to then find oneself and strip oneself naked, in order to step into a most unglamorous and unrealized state in front of the world.

Here's then a (rough) demo of my first song, Azul, which shows (like any first song should) some good achievements and some good failures (and a still-too-timid voice):


Mar profundo, de un azul negro, negro, negro,
Deep sea, of a black, black, black kind of blue,
Boca de lobo, agujero negro, profuso océano.
Mouth of a wolf, black hole, profuse ocean.
Mis pupilas se dilatan buscando la luz.
My pupils expand, searching for light.
Mis brazos y piernas se extienden y avanzan,
My limbs extend themselves and move forward,
Como un canto andaluz.
Like some Andalusian chant.
Ellos buscan y no alcanzan, nadando en tu amplitud.
They seek and can’t reach, swimming in your spaciousness.
Una y otra vez, mi corazón palpitaba
Again and again, my heart was throbbing
Creciendo de anhelo en anhelo
Growing from one yearning to another
Y atiborrado se desbordó.
And chock-full, it overflowed.
Olas colosales retumbaban,
Colossal waves rumbled,
Una y otra vez el Gran Deseo se estrelló
Again and again, the Great Desire crashed
En solemne colisión.
In solemn collision.
Azul luminoso, dichoso es quien te conozca,
Luminous blue, blissful is he who knows you,
Nadando en tu amplitud.
Swimming in your spaciousness.
Mar profundo, en contraluz
Deep sea, against the light
Tu amor se desenlaza.
Your love unravels.
El universo es un vientre,
The universe is a womb,
Uno llora cuando nace.
We cry when we’re born.